A building is a pile of rocks. Concrete, steel and glass all come from rocks. Anyone can take a pile of rocks and do the ordinary. I can take the same pile of rocks and do the unexpected. - D, Scott Fraser

An Atypical Architect

D. Scott Fraser

Architect  AR-0013099

Since 1991 I have been a General Practitioner in the World of Architecture. I have designed a broad range of commercial projects. These include office buildings, shopping centers, grocery stores, medical facilities, restaurants, churches, warehouses and industrial facilities.

I am fortunate to have many repeat clients; clients that recommend me to others. I have a strong clientele among real estate developers and contractors. They keep coming back because they value my work and appreciate that I am responsive. Clients who have worked with other architects share a special appreciation for my work.

Permitting requirements for buildings have evolved dramatically. The Building Code was once a single thick book. Now multiple volumes require an entire bookshelf. I spend a lot of time researching the current code requirements for each project. These requirements summarized in our drawings to assist building officials in their review process.

Design Development Architecture, Inc.


FL License Number


Atypical Architect

House for Atypical Architect Black Creek Middleburg, Florida Received award for Excellence in Design Jacksonville chapter AIA Juror: Antoine Predock

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